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Pitt Meadows Motherhood Photography | Pitt Lake Dike Family Session

Maple Ridge lifestyle family photographer Meliza Orellana in Pitt Meadows
Motherhood photo session at Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows, Canada

Want to know how to get the best family photos? The best tip I can give you might come as a surprise...

Don't aim for perfection

Because perfection will happen when you're not trying. Rest easy, mama. Your family does NOT need to be perfect... or even well behaved for that matter. I'm a mother to two young kids (both under 3) so yea. I understand toddlers and their logic (ahem, lack thereof)! I know how to talk to kids and you can trust that I know how to get gorgeous pictures of even the wildest little ones. That being said, here are some more tips to get the most out of your family photos.

Tips to achieve amazing family photos

  • Connect with your photographer. The more you're open to communicating with your photographer, the more rapport you will build with each other. That's a key component to being comfortable in front of the camera. Whether you have questions about location, wardrobe or even weather, feel free to reach out. The only person who wants your photos to be amazing more than you is your photographer! Trust me ;)

  • Relax. Let your kids roam, play and be themselves. If the photographer wants them to do something else, they will let them know. Trust your photographer. The more you worry and tell your kids to smile, look at the camera or how to pose, I'm sorry to say, the worse your photos will be. Eeeek. I said it!

The Lower Mainland gets dress for the weather!

  • Dress appropriately. This sounds so obvious but sometimes it's a good reminder! Please choose function OVER fashion. Yes, looking nice is great but if you are cold it will show in the pictures. We live in the Lower Mainland where it gets dress for the weather! A location that's often requested is at the dyke in Pitt Meadows - it's in a valley of mountains and gets super windy. If the kids are cold they will not be happy and trust me, it's not worth it. Please put a jacket, touque or scarf on yourself AND your kids on those cold fall/ winter days.

Want to know something cool?! When you book with me I give you a session and style guide so that you're as ready as you can be for your photo session. Reach out, I'd love to chat about your vision for your next photo session! I serve Maple Ridge and surrounding cities in the Tri-Cities and Fraser Valley. Check out my work here and here. I can't wait to hear from you ♡




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