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6 Simple Steps to Prepare For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Preparing for your indoor maternity photos? Here are a few things to think about to help get you prepared to have the BEST photoshoot, ever!

Schedule your maternity session early

Make sure you have time to prepare yourself for this special occasion. It’s an occasion for you to pamper yourself and be the centre of attention - something that you won’t get as much of when baby arrives. This brings me to the next point...

Get your hair and makeup done for your photoshoot

If your photographer doesn’t offer hair and makeup as a part of the package - make sure you schedule that in! Look and feel your best for your photoshoot.

Schedule your maternity photoshoot for your third trimester

Your photographer will definitely know when it would be best to schedule your session - but I recommend booking your session between weeks 31-34. This is when your bump is there but you can still move around comfortably. Also, if you book it too far into your pregnancy… you never know! Baby might decide to come early and you would’ve missed your opportunity to document your pregnancy!

What should your husband wear to your photoshoot?

Something that may happen is that your hubby will put on a bit of weight during your pregnancy. Some say it's empathy weight ;) Whatever it is, make sure your man tries his clothes on AHEAD of time. The last thing you want is stretched fabric on his tummy or buttons that look like they're about to pop. Here's a link to an 'Idea Pin' with some inspiration for ya.

Get rest before your session!

Be well rested and ready to go. It never hurts to start the day when you've had a great sleep, does it?

Bring sentimental items you would like included

Do you have a printout from your sonogram? Baby shoes that you can't wait for your baby to wear? A special blanket that you, an auntie or a grandma knitted or quilted? Let's include them in the portraits. You'll be happy you did.

Have a look below at this casual maternity photoshoot. You'll get outfit inspiration for both mama and dad and of course some posing ideas.

This couple's photoshoot took place in their home in the Albion area of Maple Ridge. We mostly stayed in their primary bedroom, using side light to get those gorgeous shadows. We also photographed in their living room and back patio for a super casual look. They grabbed their coffees, had a chat and I photographed the whole thing.

Which pose is your fave? Share in the comments!

Interested in booking a casual maternity photoshoot of your own? Get in touch here

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