Surrey Maternity Photography | Mud Bay Park, BC

Pregnant woman in black dress in beach photo shoot at Mud Bay Park in Surrey, BC with Meliza Orellana Photography during sunset with epic clouds and long grass field

It's June and the weather is playing with our hearts again over here in the Lower Mainland. The forecast called for 100% chance of sun and we thought that would be exactly the case when the morning was bright, sunny and there were blue skies. We thought it would be the "perfect", dreamy sunset for this maternity photo shoot.

While driving out to Surrey for this maternity photo session I drove through 3 rain storms but thought... meh, let's see what happens! And wouldn't you know it. The clouds stayed, the rain came and went and we had so. much. fun.

Mud Bay Park - one of the top local maternity photos locations for so many reasons!

Mud Bay Park is an ocean-side gem. It's easy to get to (stroller friendly trails) and has all the backdrops you might want in a photoshoot. Ocean, skyline, beach, trails, long grass fields...aye aye what more can you want?! It's a favourite B.C maternity photoshoot location for all these reasons, and more!

One of my favourite things about this location is it's ease of access. To be able to park your car and arrive at the beach in just a short 5 minute stroll it makes this beach one of the best local family photos locations.

The reason why epic sunsets are NOT the be all end all

Having a maternity photoshoot during overcast weather is amazing! The clouds are second only to you (of course) but good golly do they put on an amazing supporting role in your session! Have a look for yourself at how this session played out with those gorgeous, ominous skies.

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Pregnant BIPOC woman dancing in black lingerie at Mud Bay Park, BC during maternity photo shoot with Meliza Orellana Photography