Langley Family Maternity Photography | In-home Maternity Session in Walnut Grove

Toddler playing in crib during Langley lifestyle maternity photo session

Getting maternity photos done AND you have a toddler? The quick and short of it: your little one probably won't behave the way you want them to. But guess what? That's ok. It's more than ok... it's REAL!

Having a new baby when you already have a baby is an emotional time. For me it was mourning the loss of time. The time to give your child undivided attention, the time to enjoy the milestones they hit without distractions and the list goes on. To be able to capture these moments is a unique and special opportunity.

Choosing to do a maternity photo session when you already have a baby at home (who you might not have done photos with) is a big decision. But you know what - these moments are fleeting and pretty special. Why not document them? Don't you wish you had more photos of your mama when she was pregnant with you? I do. But also... you're probably wondering...

How's my kid going to act during the photo shoot?!

Here are a few things to have handy during your maternity photos if you have a toddler with you:

  1. Their favourite snacks! Even if you never give them sugar, let today be the day ;)

  2. A family favourite book. This is good for a number of reasons. It'll be nostalgic when you look back at your photos AND it helps calm your toddler down and focus

  3. Of course, a favourite stuffed animal or toy. These are the best to include in family photos. My daughter LOVES looking at photos where her favourite elephant is in them. It's also a way to help your little one feel comfortable and safe.

Here are some snaps from Adriana and (17 month-old) Damian's session at her home in Walnut Grove, Langley. This is what you can expect from a lifestyle maternity photo session when other kiddos are involved - a little bit of chaos, a few snuggles and just a dash of patience. My best advice for a successful session where toddlers are involved: let go of expectations and have fun. Like really have fun and be in the moment ♡

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