Vancouver Newborn Photography

Mom and dad laying on bed with newborn baby girl during in-home casual newborn session with Maple Ridge photographer Meliza Orellana in Riverwalk district of Vancouver, Canada

Interested in taking in-home lifestyle newborn photos? I've got a few tips that'll take your photos from wow to WOW ;) But first let's talk about a major misconception...

Do you need a Pinterest worthy home to have an in-home photoshoot?

Rest easy. Your home does NOT need to be perfect... or even tidy for that matter. You have enough on your plate with a new baby amirite?! I've photographed newborn sessions in apartments where they had JUST moved in and baby was just a few days old. Literally boxes everywhere and clothes strewn about. Can you tell from the pictures? Absolutely not. Did I shove some boxes *just* outside the frame? I absolutely did ;)

Three tips to take great in-home newborn photos

1. Turn off overhead lights during your portrait session

If you don't do anything else - do this.

The overhead lights make getting your white balance very difficult. Also, the natural light is a million times more beautiful on skin.

Here's a really cool article about natural light that explains more about why it's so awesome.

2. Turn TOWARDS the light to get those gorgeous catchlights

If you're in a smaller home, this may also mean you're literally hugging a window the entire time. That's ok. Good light is key!

If there's a bed that's perpendicular to a window - sit on the side of the bed facing the window. Like the portrait above.

Or, you can use side light and sit on the bed with the light to your right or left. That works, too! Here's an example of that to the left here.

Different angles and a totally different look. Neat, right?

Get close, pull back and switch from landscape to portrait. You'll get a bunch of portraits that look vastly different but were taken in the same space. Your clients will be really happy. Promise.

3. Sit really close during your photoshoot

My favourite thing to people is "make sure your hips are touching." Getting people to be that close allows to capture the connection and emotion that comes with physical touch.

The most important thing is to find good natural light. If you've got the most beautiful nursery or master bedroom but they lack good light - avoid doing photos there! Find a window and stick to it. You can get so many awesome photos with just one window! In fact, I've shot entire newborn sessions next to one window. If you give newborn photos a try and use any of these tips I'd love to know how it went! Leave a comment below!

Want to leave the photo taking to someone with a bit of experience? Reach out, I'd love to be that person for you! I serve Maple Ridge and surrounding cities in the Tri-Cities and Fraser Valley. Check out my work here and here. I can't wait to hear from you - whether you want to take your own photos (and need more advice) or want me to do them for you. ♡