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Everything You Need to Know About Having Your Newborn Photo Session at Home

Family of three standing in their doorway with their newborn baby boy during lifestyle newborn photo shoot with Vancouver photographer Meliza Orellana Photography

Searching the South Rock Mom's Facebook group to find a photographer was what Dakota was doing months ago when she was in her early stages of pregnancy. By the way, searching Facebook groups is becoming the way to go when it comes to looking for referrals! I totally recommend doing it for all kinds of services - have you found someone through Facebook that you'd recommend? Share a link to their page in the comments at the bottom of this page! I'm sure they'd appreciate the referral ;)

Dakota loved the look of the photos I posted showing how in-home sessions were casual and comfortable - as opposed to studio sessions being very posed. Both awesome options, perhaps just for different people. Dakota mentioned really enjoying the "comfortable vibe" of her newborn photo shoot experience once the day finally came.

Choosing the right location for your newborn photo shoot is an essential part of the final look and feel of your photos. The best part about choosing your own home as the backdrop for your newborn session? It's the exact place you're making the most memories with your little one. It'll be fun (and maybe even emotional) for you to look back on in the years ahead.

Despite the easy-going and relaxed nature of in-home sessions, it's still important to be prepared! There are some things to consider, including the lighting, your outfits, baby's outfit and communicating these things is something parents appreciate when they already have so much going on. Here's a little freebie for ya, this is a Cole's Notes of the Newborn Session Prep Guide. Download your copy by clicking here.

What's it like having family photos in your own home?

To summarize how most people feel about the experience, here's a review left by one of the families:

"We felt very comfortable. Everything just felt very natural"

The best part about this experience is that baby is at home - so when things go sideways (read: dirty diapers, they get hungry, YOU get hungry) you're already at home and can take care of those things immediately. These were taken in their home in South Surrey. Photos were mainly taken in their primary bedroom, nursery and living room.

Look and feel of in-home photos

Photos taken in your home generally are more relaxed, can have a moodier vibe and are comfortable. Some words that come to mind are: emotional, sentimental, closeness, comfortable and sweet.

Best time of day for in-home photos

Sessions usually begin at 10am because of the soft light that filters in to your home. You don't want to go too much later than that because these sessions last approximately two hours and when the sun gets too high, you get stronger (less flattering light). It seems that newborns are usually most relaxed at this time - bonus!

Newborn photo shoot FAQs

I thought you'd never ask! Want to know allllll you need to know before booking your newborn photographer? Check out this blog post that goes over everything you should ask your photographer.

Dad holding newborn baby boy in Vancouver newborn photo shoot with Meliza Orellana Photography

Photos were taken with a Canon R6 and a Canon 35mm 1.4L

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