What is a fine art portrait pop-up?! | Maple Ridge Photography

Black and white portrait of young girl smiling during fine art portrait pop up in Maple Ridge with Meliza Orellana Photography

You might have heard the term "fine art portrait pop-up" and it went in one ear and straight out the other. Because what even is that?! The quick and short of it is that it IS actually a quick and short portrait session. Awesome, right?

Here's the deal:

  1. They take like 2 minutes.

  2. They're booked back-to-back

  3. They're a way more beautiful version of school portraits

  4. You're delivered both colour and black & white

  5. You can purchase prints, digitals and even discounted packages

A fine art portrait pop up offers a boutique experience in a very quick time-frame. Your child will be photographed in approximately 2 minutes. You receive personal and professional service and beautiful, artistic images that you will cherish forever. You will book a time slot for each child - have two kids? You will need two time slots. Want sibling photos? Book three spots (one for each child and then one for siblings). These sessions are not meant for family portraits - if you'd like one of those you can book one here.

These types of sessions are similar to what your kids would receive in their school or daycare. You get the option to purchase physical prints or the digital copies of their portraits. The biggest difference between these portraits and the ones they get at school or daycare? They're way more beautiful (eek! I said it!). Does your child do home schooling and they don't even have the option of getting school portraits? This pop-up is the perfect solution to that!

The best part about it is that ordering is EASY. Everything is done online, your gallery is password protected and you can choose everything from wallet sized prints to 11x14 (or even bigger) prints to decorate your home with your kid’s beautiful, toothless smiles.

Have more questions? Check out this link.

The next fine art portrait pop up is happening on June 11, 2022 in Albion, Maple Ridge. There are just a few spots left. Snag one for your kiddo(s)!

Have more questions before you book a spot? Get in touch at the button below and I'll answer all of your questions!