4 Key Reasons Why Maternity Sessions are Important

Pregnant bipoc woman in bra and jeans with her husband walking on trail in casual maternity photo shoot with Vancouver photographer Meliza Orellana Photography

"It's been a long, arduous journey" is something I hear time and time again as to why mamas are booking their newborn photo sessions. You want to document your first moments with your new baby because getting to that point has been a struggle. Is struggle a big enough word? Likely not. What about documenting your journey. Your vulnerable and epic journey of creating life.

Real talk. Pregnancy wasn't really my 'thing'. I didn't feel glowing and beautiful. I just wanted it to be over so I could hold my babies. I was scared of what could happen. I gained A LOT of weight, my hips hurt and my ankles were huge. (Like the same size as my knees kind of huge.) Then it was over and I had (and continue to have) phantom kicks. I'll feel baby kicking when there's no baby in my body anymore. It's wild it makes me miss them relentlessly kicking me and me playing with them by pushing their little feet back in. All this being said,

You're going to miss your baby bump

pregnant woman with husband walking on trail in Pitt Meadows during pregnancy photoshoot with Maple Ridge photographer Meliza Orellana Photography

You are literally making a human from scratch. How neat is that?! It's one of life's many miracles and you're doing it. Every time you look at your baby you will see their sweet fingers and toes and know that you made them.

You will feel beautiful during your maternity portrait session

Pregnant mother and toddler in nursery while toddler pokes his mother's belly during in-home casual maternity shoot in Langley, BC with Maple Ridge Photographer Meliza Orellana Photography

How often are we the focus of attention? If we're anything alike. Not often.

Especially now that kids are involved. Do you already have kids and are pregnant with number 2 , 3 or 4? How often are YOU in the photos? It's more than likely that it's your partner that's in the photos with your kids and you get to be the mom-tographer that snaps photos on your iPhone. Ugh. That sucks!

When you get to be the focus of attention it feels pretty amazing. Especially when you're doing something that is legitimately miraculous.

You'll get your makeup done, have your hair done by a professional and you'll have a photographer that knows how to photograph you in the most flattering ways. Just do it.

You will love to look back at your photos as your child grows

Having these memories to look back on with your kids as they get older is so special.

Often times we 'read' our daughter's newborn album as her bedtime story. It has my maternity portraits and her newborn portraits combined and she LOVES seeing my tummy with HER in it!

From your pregnancy to holding your newborn tells the story about how your family came to be

Don't miss the opportunity to tell your story. The story about your journey to motherhood. The story about your struggles and your triumphs.

Scheduling a maternity photo session should be on every mommy-to-be's to do list. Don't let the moment pass you by. You are important and you should be celebrated, mama.