How to include your dog in your newborn photos

Dog resting head on the bed looking at newborn baby boy during newborn portrait session in Silver Valley in Maple Ridge with Meliza Orellana Photography

When clients ask if their dog can participate in their photo session, the answer is always yes! Your furry friend is always welcome! Here are few easy tips to help you set your pup up for success when bringing your dog to your newborn photo session.

My first tip, before anything else is to take your dog for a walk before your session. It helps the dog tire out a little bit - they're kind of like toddlers in that way. Dogs can get SUPER excited that a new person is in their home making them feel like they need to 'show off'. If they tire out a bit before the session it'll make it easier for everyone to keep your doggo calm and want to participate!

This portrait session was taken in the client's home in beautiful Silver Valley in Maple Ridge. A great area for a walk with a dog, right? With gorgeous trails just around the corner and a view of Golden Ears mountains - it'll be nice for your dog and you to get some fresh air before your portrait session.

Three tips for including your dog in your family's newborn photos

1. Bring your dog's favourite toy to your photoshoot

Having the toy handy allows me to capture your doggo's attention and get those sweet puppy dog eyes looking right where we want them to look!

Dog sitting in front of family of three on bed looking at camera during newborn portrait session in Silver Valley in Maple Ridge with Meliza Orellana Photography

2. Be ready with dog treats!

It's a good way to reward your sweet dog for doing what we ask them to do. For example in this portrait I had everyone look at baby and I got mama to say the doggo's name so it would appear as though even the dog was looking at baby. Good job doggie. Here's a treat!

3. Get your dog groomed before your portrait session

This is a special occasion. You're doing what you can to look your best and you want the whole family to, also! If going to the groomers isn't possible, brush your dog's fur and make sure they're clean enough to join you on the couch or bed.

Adorable dog peeking over bed while newborn baby boy sleeps beside him during in-home portrait session in Silver Valley with portrait artist Meliza Orellana Photography

Have more questions about including Fido in your portrait session? Fill out my contact form here. Want to see more examples of newborn sessions? Check these out:

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