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3 Easy Steps to Setup Your Home for a Newborn Photo Shoot

How to make your home photo-shoot ready

As someone who knows what it's like to buy a home, get married, move and have a baby in the same year, I know how valuable time is! If you're trying to decide between sleeping for a few extra minutes or cleaning your home, please choose sleep every time.

In-home is becoming one of the most popular locations for your lifestyle newborn photos in the Lower Mainland, and for good reason. The comfort of being in your own home paired with having easy access to everything you need for your newborn (and toddler if you have one of those, too!) make it an amazing place to host your own family photo session. If you're thinking - "but omg Mel, my home is messy and it looks nothing like the photos I've been admiring online"

I can assure you that making your home Pinterest worthy is not important. Like seriously NOT important.

What you see online is curated! I've photographed families that were renovating their home AND they had just moved in. Would you be able to tell from the pictures? Not a chance. Boxes were shifted to the side, laundry was hidden away and what do you know?! Their house is Pinterest worthy after all!

What time should you schedule your in-home lifestyle newborn session?

10am is usually the best time of day for this type of photo shoot. It gives soft light and, bonus! It's usually a good time if toddlers are going to be involved in the session. And if you know toddlers, they run the show and we're all on their schedule ;)

3 steps to setup your home for lifestyle newborn photos

Here are some tips to make the most of your time with your lifestyle photographer when they come to your home:

  1. Turn off all overhead lights

  2. Open all blinds/ curtains

  3. Put a simple comforter/ duvet on your bed. I recommend using white.

Again, I understand what it's like to be a new mama and want everything to be perfect. It's wild though, in those first weeks when your baby is home the exhaustion is real. It's consuming, isn't it? There are some ways to help with sleep deprivation that may then help you find the energy to arrange your home the way you dreamed of.

Having a baby? Check out my work and gimme a shout!


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