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School Picture Day: How To Prepare Your Child

Tips for picture day at school in Vancouver

Your preschool or daycare is hosting picture day and your little one has never had professional photos taken before! Well, at least not without you there! Here's a quick guide to help you prepare your child for their photo day debut.

Pictured below: a child from Conscious Kids Care in Maple Ridge.

You love being involved ... You want to be there to smooth their hair, wipe their face of their morning snack and give them a hug to say that everything will be 'ok'.

I'm one of those parents, too. I have two kids, they are 2.5 and 4 years old. I can assure you that what you want from your children on photo day, is exactly what I want for them, too. Here's a quick guide to help you prepare your children for photo day.

How can you prepare for photo day

Your kid’s preschool picture day is finally here! Getting your little one ready for picture day can be an exciting task, especially if it’s their first time being photographed at school. I'm here to help you and your toddler get those frame-worthy photos to treasure. Check out these tips for ways to make sure your little one is ready to smile for the camera!


#1: Keep your kids in the loop

If your kids are anything like mine - they do not like surprises. At least not when it comes to anything other than candy or toys! Make sure you let them know ahead of time that picture day is coming and there will be a lady taking their picture with a big camera.

If you find me on social media it can help to share it with your kids. They love knowing what to expect. It's actually why they love watching the same shows over and over - because it boosts their confidence knowing that they predicted something correctly! You can find me on Instagram most often here, show them my face and they'll be delighted to recognize me when it's their turn for photos.

#2: Pack mess-free snacks

Do you usually pack yogurt for your kid's lunch? Try and avoid things that drip or mark up outfits on picture day. Things to avoid: ketchup, nut butters, jelly, yogurt and cheese puffs - cheese puffs make a heck of a mess! If none of these things are avoidable, pack them a bib or an extra shirt.

On the topic of bibs: is your little one teething and constantly drooling all over every nice shirt they have? Put them in a bib and ask the teacher to leave it on until photos start. That way their outfit won't be covered in drool - though it would certainly tell the story about this time in their life, wouldn't it?

#3: What to wear for picture day

Your photographer may have reached out (or perhaps the school did letting you know about picture day) and let you know about the backdrop they'll be using for photo day. This is a helpful tool in planning out what your child will wear! Try and compliment the backdrop and not fade into it. For example, I often use a light, beige backdrop - solid white shirts are very similar and don't look great with this backdrop. However, tan, mustard, brown, green and blue look fantastic. See the picture above.

General rules of thumb when planning what to wear for picture day:

  • Solid colours (not white) or tasteful patterns

  • No neon

  • No graphic T's

  • Layer (wear a vest or a cardigan)

Packing your child a backup outfit is a great idea, too. In case their outfit gets dirty or messy during the early part of the day. Need a new outfit for your kiddo? I usually recommend that families look at Lagoon Baby, Jax and Lennon, Zara or Old Navy for trendy outfits and inspiration.

Do you have any tips on how to prepare for school picture day? I'd love to know your fave tips! Share in the comments.

If you're seeing these portraits and are wondering how your kid's daycare or preschool can start offering these gorgeous portraits - get in touch. Did you know that I give 10% of profits back to each school that I photograph. It's a great way to fundraise and an even better way for parents to get school photos they will love! Have a look at my info page and pass it on to your daycare's Director. If they book the centre in for picture day with me, there's a special something in it for you!

Want to be on the mailing list to find out about getting these fine art portraits done outside of a school environment? Sign up here.


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