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Why Hire a Small Business to do Your School Photos

How hiring a small business to do your school photos goes beyond a simple transaction - it becomes familial

Young boy in green shirt laughing during daycare photos as a reason to hire a small business to do your school photos

Hiring a Small Business For School Photos > Hiring a Big Company

Why would you hire a small business to do your school photos instead of a big company? The big companies have systems, experience and have been around forever - why would you change anything? The answer to that: why WOULDN'T you make a change? Independent photographers in your community have so much more in common with the families you're serving than a big company ever could. They might even know some of them! Here are some main reasons to support a small business photographer in your community:

1. Small businesses offer a more personalized service experience

Small businesses often offer a more personalized service experience, as they serve fewer schools and are able to give each

Young boy dressed in suit and tie as a reason to hire a small business to do your school photos

school or daycare more individualized attention.

The other great part about this service for parents is that they can hire the photographer to do their family photos as well. Young children often take a while to warm up to a photographer. Having that familiarity with the photographer leads to a smooth photo session and even better use of time - since your photographer won't have to spend as much time building rapport.

Some examples of communication with a Daycare Director and an independent photographer go like this:

"Thank you so so so much again Mel for your AMAZING work!!!!

We have had great feedback already!!"

"We have soooooo many happy parents sending messages!!”

2. Small businesses are more flexible and able to adapt

Small businesses may be more flexible and able to adapt to changing needs or requests.

3. Supporting Small Business Builds the Local Economy and Supports the Community

Hiring a small business can help support the local community and economy. What better way to build the local economy

Young boy smiling during daycare photos as a reason to hire a small business to do your school photos

than to support a small business where you live? "Small businesses push economic growth and the local economy by opening up employment opportunities locally." Forbes

When you shop local, your money is more likely to be reinvested back into the community you know and love. In fact, I give 10% of profits back to each school I photograph. It's a great way to fundraise and an even better way for parents to get school photos they will love!

4. Small businesses have specialized expertise

One of the perks of hiring a small business to do your school photos would be that you're getting an expert in the field. Someone whose specialty is children's portraiture - rather than someone who does a variety of genres of photography and doesn't specialize in on particular area. Small business owners bring a unique perspective that larger companies don't offer.

Have a look at my info page and pass it on to the Director. If they book the centre in for picture day with me, there's a special something in it for you!

5. Small businesses can compete on cost

Small businesses may be able to offer you competitive pricing because they have lower overhead costs.

We have more questions about hiring a small business to do our school photos

Perhaps you're not ready to move your school or daycare to an independent photographer. That's ok. Here are some ways to test the water without making any big commitments:

  1. INVITE THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR A WALK THROUGH. Invite a local photographer (offering volume photography) to your centre. They can show you samples of their products and even give you a run through of the system they use. This would take all of 30 minutes. Want me to come by? I'd be happy to! Reach out here.

  2. DO A POP-UP. Were you impressed with the photographer you invited but still aren't convinced? Get them to do a Spring Pop-Up. It's a great way to see how they work before the big rush of Fall photos.

  3. FOLLOW THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. You can get a sense of who they are by following along on social media. Really see how they interact with the community and what they stand for. Here's a link to my Instagram, I hope to see you there ;)


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