3 reasons why photos in the rain aren't that bad in the Lower Mainland

Winter family photos at Pitt Lake...in the rain!

If you live in the Lower Mainland you know it's a thing around here. I don't even need to say it - if you think of ONE thing Vancouver is known for you'd probably say the mountains but shortly after you'd say "it always rains!" If us Vancouverites let the rain stop us from doing things we'd be inside for more than half of the year. This family didn't let the threat of rain scare them from doing their photo session and it turned out pretty amazing!

We met at one of the most popular locations for photos in the Lower Mainland, Pitt Lake. It's about 30 minutes outside of Vancouver, BC in Pitt Meadows. This location has everything you could want in photos. Big sky, mountains, long grass fields, a lake and flat, easy trails for the kids. As it turned out the rain came at the very end of our session but they said "let's do it!" and I'm so happy they did. Which brings me to the topic at hand...

3 reasons why you SHOULD do your photos in the rain.

  1. Those brooding/ ominous skies are epic. When a storm is a-brewin those stormy clouds make an amazing backdrop!

  2. Those grey skies make for the best lighting ever. It's like a giant soft box - creating even and beautiful lighting. Your skin will look smooth and even. There's nothing like a good over cast sky to get that airbrushed skin look!

  3. Reflections in puddles make for the coolest interest point in your photos.

  4. Bonus reason... the cool, cold weather makes you want to snuggle up to your loved ones even more and that's just AWESOME!

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