How to Combine Maternity and Family Photoshoots | Surrey, BC

A toddler, a hubby and a pregnant mama in a photoshoot... it's possible!

You did a portrait session when you were pregnant with your first baby and now it's time for baby number two. You just can't wrap your head around how you'll get your (wild) toddler to participate for long enough to get good portraits. Here's something you need to know: be patient and expect to let your toddler run. the. show.

Poses to incorporate in your maternity/ family portrait session:

  1. Get all combinations of poses with your toddler first! Toddler with each parent individually, with both parents, solo and then they can be free to run around and any additional photos you get are a bonus!

  2. Ask your kiddo to feel your tummy. If they want nothing to do with taking photos... tell them their favourite character is in your tummy and they should see if they can feel them.

  3. Get their favourite book and read with them - this is a good way to make them feel comfortable and at ease. A fave stuffed animal or toy can also be a good alternative.

  4. When in doubt, get them to dance!

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When in doubt... get them to dance