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How to Plan the Perfect Couple Maternity Photo Shoot: Ideas and Inspiration

Often people think maternity photos have to be just the expecting mom in the photos. This just isn't the case! Some of the photos you'll love the most are of the connection you share with your family as your family continues to grow. Make sure you include your other children and your partner in your next maternity session - it's a way for you to document your journey and to remember these fleeting moments. All while remembering how your newest addition kicked you - relentlessly.

I'm participating in a blog circle this month and linking to an awesome article by Seattle birth photographer Becky Langseth. Check out that link at the end of the article!

How to include your husband in your maternity photo session

There are many ways to include your partner or family in a maternity session. Here are a few ideas:

1. Photos with your partner on the bed

Couple laying on bed with white sheets during family maternity photo session

One of the most fun ways to include your family in your maternity session is to lay on the bed and have some fun! You're an expecting mama - what's better than laying down?! Get on the bed and lay down with your partner on your backs and hold hands in the middle. So snuggly and cute!

If you have another child - put them in the middle of you two and tickle the kiddo(s) for some fun photos!

2. Get your partner to hold your pregnant tummy

It's such a sweet, intimate moment when your partner feels your pregnant tummy and feels your baby moving. It's like "did you feel that?!" "they know it's you.. they're saying hi!" I will ask your partner to keep their hands moving - when hands are constantly moving they'll look more natural and comfortable - and you're more likely to get baby to respond for a sweet and natural reaction from the two of you.

3. Include other kids in your maternity photo shoot

Toddler poking pregnant mom's belly button during family maternity photo session
  1. Ask them to kiss the baby in your tummy

  2. Prompt them to gently poke mama's belly button

  3. Ask them if they can hear their baby sibling by putting their ear to mama's tummy

  4. Getting them to tell baby a secret by whispering it to mama's tummy

  5. Read a book together

4. Have a romantic moment between you and your husband

Are you first time parents? Snuggly, romantic time kinda fades into the background once you've had a baby. Take advantage of this time together by holding hands or cuddling during your maternity session. Sit as close as possible (make sure your hips are touching) and ask your partner to whisper in a 'sexy' voice what they had for breakfast into your ear. Feeling their breath on your neck saying "toast and jam" in their best sexy voice is nothing short of hilarious and you'll want more of it - trust me ;)

5. Read a favourite book with the whole family

Family of three reading a book on a couch during family maternity photo session

Reading a favourite bed time book together as a family during a maternity photo shoot is so much fun! This pose is always a family favourite. Reading together is a great way to calm a toddler down and it gets natural and organic bonding time with the family which makes for some of the most connected and beautiful family portraits.

It's also a fun way to encourage imagination and creativity - kids often become animated and excited to share their favourite books.

6. Look at your sonogram photos together

Couple sitting in nursery looking at sonogram photo during family maternity photo session

Looking at your sonogram together can be a bonding experience for you and your partner, as you both get to see and learn more about your developing baby. Point out their toes, trace their face and talk about which features you hope they get from each other.

If you're thinking ahead, past your maternity session and about the bundle of joy that's coming soon; check out this article about honest misconceptions of birth photography by Seattle birth photographer Becky Langseth.

A note about family, maternity and newborn sessions; they book several months in advance. For newborn sessions, please be sure to contact me while you are still pregnant. Maternity sessions generally take place between 31-34 weeks. Newborn portrait sessions are generally when baby is between 1 week and 2 months old. I offer a limited number of sessions each month to be able to accommodate the unpredictable nature of child birth ;)

Be sure to contact me as soon as possible to reserve a date for your lifestyle maternity photos.

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Christy Johnson
Christy Johnson
01 de fev. de 2023

I love these ideas for natural and beautiful photos!


Molly Dercolo
Molly Dercolo
31 de jan. de 2023

It's always so special when the entire family is included in a maternity session. Beautiful job!


Such beautiful images and such great advice! I love the idea of reading a book together. So sweet!


This is such a sweet collection of images, and I love the ideas you have here about making each maternity session more interactive. Great article!

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